Amplify Good Works

Empowering Non-Profit Narratives

At Amplify Goodworks, our existence is rooted in the belief that non-profit organizations deserve to have their vision, work, and successes amplified through well-crafted media. We enable them to focus on what they excel at—bringing positive change to the world—while we channel our expertise into telling their stories in the most compelling ways and finding the best platforms on the planet to broadcast transformative narratives: one well, one loan, one life at a time.

Our Unique Approach

In a connected society, non-profits often find themselves telling their stories in isolation, using volunteers or for-profit companies to document their work. This fragmented approach leads to individual projects bearing the full costs. At Amplify Good Works, we address this challenge by leveraging our award-winning crews and a network of organizations. By spreading the high costs of video productions across multiple endeavors, we empower non-profits to document their missions through a single, shared production phase whenever possible. This collaboration not only reduces costs but also fosters a sense of unity in the collective pursuit of positive change.

Our Origins and Commitment

Born from a for-profit company, Amplify Good Works is uniquely positioned to provide high-level film productions at little to no cost. Upon securing our 501(c)(3) status, we can further extend our reach by leveraging grants and donations. These funds can be directed by individuals and corporations in direct support of an identified project or allocated to general production buckets, allowing us to enhance our overall impact.

Our half-century of experience filming around the world, from the largest stages to the smallest productions, equips us with the knowledge needed to tell compelling stories in a professional manner. We are committed to helping organizations grow, raising awareness about their missions, broadcasting their successes, and creating a bigger impact.

Join us at Amplify Good Works, where we amplify not only narratives but the collective impact of those striving to make the world a better place.

Empowering Non-Profits, Inspiring Change

At Amplify Good Works, we go beyond mission statements – we bring them to life through impactful visual storytelling. As a dedicated non-profit digital media agency, our mission is to empower organizations with compelling narratives that resonate and drive positive change.

Our Services

Video Production Excellence

Our video production services are crafted to effectively communicate your organization's message. From script writing to post-production, we ensure each video captures the essence of your mission and engages viewers emotionally. Let us bring your vision to life and amplify your non-profit's reach with compelling visuals.

Fueled by a profound belief in the power of non-profits to create meaningful change, we leverage our expertise to elevate voices, inspire action, and contribute to a brighter future for all.

Feature Production

Crafting captivating highlight videos that tell powerful stories and leave a lasting impression.

Social Content

Elevate your brand's online presence with short format content, designed to captivate and engage your audience, while showcasing the unique story and mission.

Documentary Film

Showcasing extraordinary stories that capture and present powerful narratives that inspire, inform, and leave a lasting impact.

Explore Our Projects

Visit our Projects section to witness the transformative power of visual storytelling in driving social change. Join us in Amplifying Good Works and be a part of the positive change we strive to create in the world.

Family unsplash

Pajaro Valley Shelter Services

Moving Families Out of Homelessness and Into Self-Sufficiency, Pajaro Valley Shelter Services provides families with a path to stable futures through short- and longer-term housing and supportive services.

Features screenshot

Big League Impact

Documentary Feature Short exploring the works of major league baseball players in Haiti and the Dominican republic.

Lawnmower unsplash

K&D Community Beautification Project

Transforming our community's landscape, one project at a time – join K&D Landscaping in a collective effort for more vibrant and beautiful neighborhoods.

Teens cooking unsplash

Teen Kitchen Project

Fostering healthier communities in Santa Cruz County by empowering young individuals in the art of cooking nourishing meals, delivered with care to families facing crises due to illness.

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