Graphic Production

Simplicity and clarity of story are key to delivering your message through Motion Graphics and 3D – GHP partners with you to craft the visuals that best convey information to your viewers.

ghp x animation

GHP highlights of different graphics projects over the years. For full form examples, see below.

Cisco graphics ghp 640

Cisco Start-up Initiative

To realize Cisco’s goal to tell start-ups that they could partner to achieve a common objective, GHP wrote, directed and animated this video. An example of how simplicity in design can push a complicated message to the forefront.

Poly 2

Poly Launch Video

Plantronics and Polycom were merging their companies to form POLY and wanted to show the legacy of the old driving toward the innovation of today. This piece shows how to utilize existing footage with animation to convey a new message.


Dabby Commercial

Shot split screen to convey the message of separate but together, the ad sought to convey to investors in every shot what the designers of this alpha stage product were trying to achieve: two spaces and a shared viewing experience.

ghp x animation