Commercial Production

Seeing how a product or service makes your life better and more enjoyable is the goal of any advertisement – GHP finds unique ways to use story and technology to achieve your vision.

ghp x animation

GHP highlights of different commercial projects over the years. For full form examples, see below.


Ericsson E1 Video

A product video for a development project at Ericsson. Filmed with a 13-person-crew over the course of two days, GHP’s internal team finished the video with CG graphics augmenting the not-yet-existing product in post-production.


BMW & DRL Co-Branded Commercial

With over 6 million views from it’s online launch, this commercial was filmed overnight on location at the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany. GHP provided numerous production cameras and resources and was responsible for the final edit.

Santa cruz works ghp 640

Santa Cruz Works Commercial

Produced for a local non-profit to highlight its’ efforts to make people aware of their working options in the community, this commercial aired in theaters and online. Another example of some of GHP’s philanthropic work.

ghp x animation