Live Production

Every venue and every show presents distinct challenges. We are a collective of creative problem solvers not just producers of content – GHP works to understand your unique production needs.

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GHP highlights of different live-to-air and live-to-tape projects over the years. For the most unique use case examples, see below.

Crossfit 2

Live Streaming

Achieving the theoretical with unique deployments

Use Case: CrossFit

  • Remote production control room switching all signals from a secondary live desk location
  • Live stream to multiple destinations including CBS and Facebook
  • Internet uplink via microwave from an isolated location for the desk show
  • IP based comms and camera deployment

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Live prod corporate support

Corporate Event Support

Simultaneous content capture for multiple corporate deliverables

Use Case: Poly

  • Multicam onsite IMAG and Archival Capture
  • Photos and behind the scenes video capture
  • Onsite media management
  • Same day edits for both video and photo deliverables to multiple social and in house platforms

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4K Live-To-Tape For Broadcast

Staying ahead of the curve in this ever changing global media marketplace

Use Case: DRL

  • 60+ camera deployment per venue
  • Three simultaneous 4K Subswitches of 24+ Shared Sources
  • Onsite daily archival with redundancy of 20 TB of data
  • Auto Meta-Tagging of 10k video clips in the field over three days

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ghp x animation